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Developed a Rails backend for Cosmobody (workout video site) and Good Housekeeping.tv (home and family-themed video site) to handle payments, subscriptions, on demand purchases, and user and video asset management.  Also built a custom CMS.


Hearst Corporation (as a contractor for Integrated Digital Solutions)

Project details

  • Created a Rails-based backend for two video subscription websites, Cosmobody (workout videos) and Good Housekeeping.tv (home and family videos)
  • Developed and iterated authentication, content management, video asset management, and payment handling services over 14 months in a team of two developers
  • Integrated closely with third-party payment processing and user management services for multiple end user platforms (e.g., web, mobile, set-top box)
  • Worked closely in an Agile team with PM and other developers

Core competencies


  • Rails, Rails, and Rails. I helped develop four different backend systems, each based on Rails. This project led to me creating engines and gems for internal use.
  • A deep understanding of OmniAuth and Devise
  • Rake scripts
  • Using Capistrano and git in unconventional ways
  • OAuth 2 third-party authentication and authorization (e.g., Facebook)


  • Distributed content publishing (i.e., between servers)
  • User and purchased asset management
  • Custom content management system (CMS) development
  • Payment gateway integration and payment/billing plan management