Instacart 🥕

$4 billion grocery startup

New users, hypergrowth edition

8 months


New user activations 📈

Costco, Whole Foods, Wegmans: dozens of America's top grocery retailers have ecommerce sites powered by Instacart's grocery delivery platform.

These sites are generated using a platform that I developed, decreasing the time it takes to spin up a new site from 2 weeks to 15 minutes and significantly increasing user activation.

I'll help you hit your KPI targets and meet your strategic goals, just like I did at Instacart, by optimizing your acquisition funnel.


Mission-critical reporting 📒

Instacart's grocery retail partners have millions upon millions of inventory items and sales to keep track of each day.

I took over and maintained a delicate reporting system, overseeing the automated generation and delivery of CSV reports for +$1 billion GMV each day.

I know what it means to write mission-critical software, and I bring that level of rigor to every project I work on.


Booze, anyone? 🍷

Selling food across 50 states with two-hour delivery is hard. Selling alcohol? Now that's a real challenge.

As technical lead for all alcohol development, I coordinated engineering, operations and legal teams to ensure legal compliance and roll out to new markets.

Whether you have a larger org or it's us 1:1, I've got the business and people savvy to help make your app a success in the market.


Let's work together 🤝

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