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I was asked to help the Mealsharing development team devise a plan for scaling their MVP to serve users in over 425 cities. Additionally, I was requested to review their legacy codebase, improve test coverage, refactor unruly ActiveRecord model classes into service objects, and implement a feature for allowing meal hosts to upload multiple photos to their meal pages.



Project details

  • Collaborated with CEO and CTO to plan for transitioning a monolithic Rails web app with users in over 425 cities to a scalable service-oriented architecture
  • Implemented multiple photo upload feature for meal galleries using DropezoneJS
  • Wrote over 200 model and behavior tests covering 94,000+ lines in under two weeks (RSpec, Cucumber)
  • Cleaned up and refactored legacy Rails and RSpec code to comply with conventions
  • Added database-level validations and custom constraint triggers in PostgreSQL

 Core competencies

  • Refactoring legacy Rails code into service objects
  • RSpec and Cucumber
  • DropezoneJS
  • PL/pgSQL