Trove 👗

Instagram for fashion blogs

Small startup, big data

8 months


Mobile shopping experience 🛍

Fashion blogging drives over $1 billion in clothing sales each year yet lacked a dedicated mobile platform.

Trove addressed this problem by creating an mobile app for fashion blogs, allowing users to follow their favorite fashion blogs and shop within the app.

I don't just write code, I learn everything about your industry to be your thought partner and fellow innovator.


A picture is worth a thousand words 🖼

You can't have a fashion blog app without lots of high-quality photos, but how does a scrappy startup get content?

Trove built a scraper to automatically collect thousands of fashion blog photos each day from the world's top fashion bloggers, as well as a CMS for editors to filter content.

I think scrappy and I always come up with ingenious solutions to meet your unique needs.


Doesn't count if you can't count it 📊

It's not enough to just display content, you have to tell the content makers how it's being consumed.

Trove developed the world's first fashion blogging analytics platform, for the first time giving bloggers and retailers a way to determine conversion on mobile.

No matter the project, I always bring a data-centric approach to make sure that your app is engaging with your customers.


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