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I quit my job

I’ve been putting off the big news, but now that it’s finally happened I can announce it: I’ve quit my job.

It’s been an amicable split. It has a lot to do with shifting priorities, especially realizing what little time we have until my wife and I plan to start having kids. Also, going on my mind-blowing trip to Chile, which made me see how big life really is. Also, a few important differences that were present from the beginning that I wasn’t able to overcome. I worked with a great team and gained lots of important experience.

So what comes next?

I’ve decided to stop putting off a dream that I’ve had since college, something that I’ve kept suppressed for a long time. It may sound crazy, but: I’m going to travel around the world doing archival research and making historical video games out of my findings. I want to tell stories that have never been told through the medium of technology. I have no idea whether it’s going to work, but if I fail, damnit at least I will have tried.

My first game will be about Valparaíso, Chile in the nineteenth century. Still in the research phase, but I’m very excited. I’ll be writing more on this blog to chronicle my ups and downs. Finally, I’ll still be doing web development on the side to bring in income, but game development will be my main focus. My wife’s support in this has been crucial and I feel really lucky to have it.

Wish me luck 😉.

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