Let's build your app.

My name's Ersin. I'm a freelance web and mobile developer from Oakland, CA, and I want to help build your next Rails, Node or iOS app.

How I build apps 📱

Here are the three pillars of my app development philosophy:

  1. Be efficient
  2. Build for growth
  3. Build your business, not just an app

My approach draws on my experience driving hypergrowth at new startups, established players and Silicon Valley unicorns.

My expertise 🎓

I'm an expert in JavaScript (React, Node), Ruby (Rails) and iOS, and I have 20+ years' programming experience.

How I build your business 📈

As an engineer with extensive startup experience, I can:

  • Develop your app according to your specifications
  • Be your technical partner and architect
  • Be your entrepreneur-in-residence
  • ...or some combination!

I can work solo or with your team. I also have a crew of insanely talented programmers, designers and growth hackers.

Let's work together 🤝

Get in touch today and let's talk about how to make your next project a success.