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I’m a middling entrepreneur who dropped out of a medieval history PhD ten years ago to work at Silicon Valley unicorns. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s not far from the truth.

There were a few steps between the PhD and working at Instacart, like when I briefly started a business selling empathetic hand-written letters to strangers or presented the world’s most embarrassing video game demo at a dinner attended by hundreds of Ethiopians living in the greater Chicago area.

If my adult life could be predicted by an algorithm, it would be this: every time I get my hands on some money, I invest it back into creating a half-baked startup.

I’ve met an odd cast of characters along the way, including: a man towing a 9’ wooden cross on caster wheels across the desert, billionaires on yachts, mathematicians who don’t like being slapped (and ones who very much do), and old men who conduct lightning storms with a baton in Arizona. Maybe I’ll write about them, too.

Most of all, I express my skepticism of simple takes. Engineers who think there’s nothing beyond bosons and quarks. Post-humanists who think that the arrival of our AI overlords will be beautiful. The denialism of the left, the gullibility of the right. NIMBYs, YIMBYs, Jack in the Box, the Baltimore Orioles and Married at First Sight. I have seen a lot, am not surprised anymore yet am still ever impressed.

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Cursed techie/historian combo, spends all his money on ill-fated business ventures.